Indoor venetian blinds

Blinds with 16 or 25mm blades made out of aluminium are the best solution to install directly into the window’s frame. Even screwless mounting is possible with the use of clamping carriers, leaving the frame completely unharmed. => more

35 or 50mm blade versions allow for an greater area of effect, up to 7 m². Metrics of the upper guiding tracks allow for construction directly on or under the wall or ceiling. => more

Used Materials

Venetian blinds are manufactured using aluminium, wood or bambus. However only the types made out of aluminium allow for use in wet rooms.


Indoor venetian blinds allow for the use of blades in the following sizes and made out of:

  • 16 mm aluminium
  • 25 mm aluminium, bambus, wood
  • 35 mm aluminium
  • 50 mm aluminium, bambus, wood
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