Raffstores or external venetian blinds used for an office front.

External venetian blinds

External venetian blinds are used in both business and private settings. Due to them being installed on the outside in front of the window they provide excellent heat protection. Commonly known as external venetian blinds they offer a more effective heat protection than their inside counter parts due to their installation on the outside keeping the heat from creeping inside.

Automatic control

Control of the blade’s tilt can be managed in a way that light may still flow into the room in a sufficient amount even with the sun and heat protection still staying intact. The extension of these systems with automated control via the use of a wind-sun-controller further increases comfort using the external venetian blinds. The blinds simply close up should the preset insolation settings be reached.

Weatherproof systems – through wind and rain

To protect the year-round exposed external sun protection systems, they are all fitted with guiding ropes or guiding tracks to ensure stability against the weather. However they still need to be packed up if winds reach a certain force. At what point that is the case depends on the position and type of the product used. To automate that process a wind-controller can be installed.

External blinds are often installed with a screen to hide the underlying mechanics and the package when it is in a parked position.

The blades can be adjusted with the following options:
  • Endless string
  • Crank
  • Electrically
  • Electrically with a solar drive
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