Roller blinds – dimout and sun protection

Roller blinds used in a living room.
One of the most well known kinds of sun protection is the roller blinds. Made from normal fabrics rolled up on an aluminium spool through a chain it presents one of the most simple ways to block out the sun. The use of cloth allows for a wide variance of sizes. When it comes to bigger dimensions though the choice are so called “Maxi-Rollos” or maximum sized roller blinds.

Made for skylights

Roller blinds for skylights also come with the option of guiding rails for a more effective blackout. Adjusting roll-downs in skylights works through pulling on the underside of the roll-down and is completely smooth. In skylights the falling bar, responsible for smooth use, is fixed on the sides with holding claws.

Foil blinds as roll-downs in a working environment

Another use for roll-downs is as foil blinds. In this variation they work similar to sun glasses, meaning they come with installed filters against ultraviolet light and heat. This allows for an easy and comfortable use in office spaces in a slightly dimmed light.