Consultation for sun protection systems

To make it easier for you to know what exactly you need, we offer more information regarding the variance of privacy protection and sun protection offered by each system.

Pleats Roll-down Verticals Blinds Roller shutter
Decoration ++ + + +
Visual cover ++ ++ ++ ++ +
Dim and blackout + ++ + + ++
Indoor / Outdoor
+ / – + / – + / – + / + – / +
Burglar resistant
Special types ++ + ++ +
more more more more more

Dim and blackout

All products offer the possibility for a slight dim. A total blackout however is only achievable by using shutter blinds or roll-down curtains. Here the shutter blinds are the perfect way for outside solutions while the roll-down curtains are best used indoors. They create a total blackout by installing an extra cartridge and tracks for guidance. Furthermore pleats offer a more elegant solution through the use of double-combed cloths, which noticeably minimizes the light shining through.

Heat protection

If you are looking for optimized heat protection the best solutions are: Window blinds (“Jalousien”) constructed on the outside, shutter blinds, marquees and window shutters. Should it be impossible to install one of these solutions the usual options to fall back on are pleats, indoor blinds or roll-down curtains. In this case these products are manufactured with an extra coating of nacre or a more bright color is chosen. All this ensures a high grade of heat reflection.

Special types

This is the domain of pleats. Easy to handle via lace or grasp they seaminglessly fit into every type of window. Window blinds however offer the options for triangle, pentagon or even round use, while keeping their usual flexibility.

Sun protection for conservatories

The favorite system used for ceiling windows on the inside are pleats. Handled by a grasp on the pleat itself it can be adjusted with a controlling pole. Further control options are the usual crank or electric with a 24V motor.